About Oromiyaa


7. Education

EducationLiteracy is very low in Oromo society, probably less than 5%. Oromos mainly depend on family and community education to transmit knowledge to the younger generation since they do not have control over modern education. Older family and community members have a social responsibility to teach children about Oromo culture, history, tradition, values, etc. When some children go to colonial school to learn what the colonial government wants to teach them, oral historians and cultural experts make sure that these children properly learn about Oromo society.

Although their numbers are very limited, there are three kinds of schools in Oromiya: missionary, madarasa (Islamic), and government schools. Islamic schools teach through sixth grade, and the other schools teach until twelfth grade. Oromos do not have control over these schools; hence, Oromo culture and values are constantly attacked by these schools. Despite all these problems, Oromo parents have very high expectations for education. If they can afford it, they do not hesitate to send their children to school.