About Oromiyaa


8. Cultural Heritage

 IrrechaaRespect and social equality are expected among members of the Oromo community. These values are expressed in geerarsa or mirisa (singing), storytelling, poems, proverbs, etc. Geerarsa is used to praise good behavior and discourage behavior that is not approved by the community. Respect for elders, social responsibility for the community and individuals, helping others, bravery, hard work, and work excellence are all appreciated. Historical and cultural knowledge is admired. Oromos can count their family trees through 10 generations or more.

Oromo cultural heritages are expressed through mirisa, weedu, and different cultural activities. There are different kinds of weedu, such as weedufuudha (marriage song), weedu lola (war song), and weedu hoji (work song) etc. Oromo women have their own song called helee that they use to express their love for their country, children, husbands, etc. Young boys sing to call girls to marriage ceremonies by singing hurmiso. Men do dhichisa (a men's dance to celebrate the marriage ceremony) and girls do shagoyee (singing and dancing) during marriage ceremonies. There are prayer songs called shubisu and deedisu.