Background and Justification for the Liberation Struggle


The Raayyaa Azabo of 1928 and 1940, the Bale Oromo armed revolt from 1935-42 (lead by Muhammed Gadaa), the formation of Western Oromo Confederation that petitioned the League of Nations and the British Government for an independent Oromo state in 1935, the petition of the people of Finfinnee (called Addis Ababa by foreigners) for freedom at the end of the Italian Occupation, the heroic resistance of Gibee States Oromos, the Bale Oromo Armed revolt of the early 1960s, the patriotic Maccaa Tulamaa movement of the 1960s, the politico-cultural Afran-Qallo movement of the 1960s and the struggle of all Oromo Liberation forces since 1960s up until today are testimonies for the continued resolve and determination of the Oromo people to liberate themselves from the yoke of Abyssinian colonial rule.