Background and Justification for the Liberation Struggle


The struggle for the liberation of Oromiyaa has evolved into a higher phase that demands an organization of superb caliber to advance the cause of the struggle to its ultimate goal. In order to meet such a demand, the integration of scattered political forces into a well-coordinated and unified entity is quite imperative. To this effect, the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) was formed in 2000 and has been playing a role of coordinating and facilitating the road to ultimate unification. It is in this historical perspective that the transformation of ULFO into a single unified entity is necessitated and realized by the merger of COPLF (Council of Oromo People’s Liberation Front), FIDO (Front for Independence of Democratic Oromiyaa) and UOPLF (United Oromo People’s Liberation Front). Hence, we, members of COPLF, FIDO, and UOPLF:

Conscious of the fact that freedom and sovereignty are legitimate aspirations of the People of Oromiyaa;

Firm in principle and unwavering dedication to the realization of this aspiration of the people of Oromiyaa and the building of a sovereign, independent democratic state of Oromiyaa;

Determined to safeguard and consolidate the gains of the struggle and augment our efforts to dismantle the colonial rule once and for all,

Fully aware that factional contention and division would prolong the suffering of our people and make our beloved nation continue to be easy prey to the Abyssinian colonial policy of divide and rule;

Conscious of our responsibility to harness the natural and human resources of Oromiyaa for the total advancement of our people's legitimate cause;

Devoted to promote understanding and collaboration among Oromo civic organizations and foster brotherhood and unity transcending religious and regional differences;

Committed to translate this devotion into a dynamic force in the course of our struggle for freedom, peace, and prosperity;

Recognizing the indispensability of our unity for our liberation to bring about an Independent Democratic Republic of Oromiyaa;

Hereby triumphantly transform the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) into a single entity by merging all our organizations and adopt this political program unanimously