Background and Justification for the Liberation Struggle


The natural blessings of Oromiyaa have created a series of sworn enemies determined to annex Oromiyaa and exploit the Oromo people and its resources. The Abyssinian rulers are among the staunchest enemies that waged wars of colonization against the Oromo people. For centuries, the gallant Oromo fighters crushed the successive Abyssinian invasions until the latter part of the 19th century. The wars of Arsi, Chalanqo, Abbichuu, Gullallee, Meettaa, Maccaa, Karrayyuu, Walloo, Booranaa, Gujii, Jiillee, Horro Guduruu and many more are still vivid in the minds of Oromos. Emperor Minilik, who realized that there is no chance for Abyssinians to defeat Oromos, appealed to the European powers for superior armament and technical support.