ULFO’s mission is to struggle for unification of all Oromo national liberation forces and mobilize all human and material resources of Oromiyaa to defeat the enemy, re-establish a sovereign, independent and democratic state of Oromiyaa,

For ULFO, witnessing a continued fragmentation of forces within the liberation camp has been quite agonizing. So much so closely observing the Oromo public with a state of stunning bewilderment about the growing disintegration of the Oromo political forces has profoundly troubled our organization. What we find even more appalling is to see a complete desertion of factionalized Oromo political entity of a sort to the Abyssinian political camp espousing to resurrect the very same Ethiopian political establishment bent on destroying the Oromo nationhood by reversing any political gains secured through the ultimate sacrifice of the dearest sons and daughters of Oromiyaa.

While the cooperation of our forces and coordination of our efforts are defining factors that challenge and ultimately defeat our enemies and help achieve the liberation of the Oromo nation, fragmentation and infighting would demoralize our people, paralyze our struggle, and embolden our foes. It is therefore imperative to discourage forces of polarization and division and promote the spirit of unity among the Oromo liberation forces.