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Statement by Oromo Center Board of Directors, June 13, 2015

The Oromo Center (Waltajjii Oromoo) is a 501 c (3) tax exempt organization located at 811 Upshur St NW, Washington DC 20011, in the heart of Washington DC, Capital City of United States.  As a publicly registered entity since 1996, it is open to anyone interested in the cultural heritage of the Oromo people.  The pioneers of the Oromo Center envisioned an institution whose main objective is to recognize, appreciate, promote and develop independent Oromo cultural legacy, including Oromo language, identity, democratic traditions and history.   A long term goal of the Center is to develop a full-fledged information center that houses resources from all media that make accessible to the world the rich Oromo culture and values that are embodied most prominently in the Gadaa democratic institution.

Demo against Wayane Liyu Police raid held in central Somalia


Hundreds of people including men, women and children marched through major streets of Guriel town to demonstrate against Ethiopia’s Liyu Police which raided on nomads in small villages in central Somalia’s Galgadud region.

The protest, which was organized by civil society, has been held in Guriel town in central Somalia after Ethiopia’s Liyu Police killed over 50 people including women and children in clashes near Somalia-Ethiopia border.

Freelance journalist, Bashir Abdi told Media in Mogadishu that protesters were chanting anti Ethiopia’s Liyu Police slogans as well carrying placards written: ‘’ The enemy should leave our territories ’’.

The big rally comes days after Ethiopia’s Liyu police clashed with pastoralists in small villages near Somalia-Ethiopia, killing more than 50 people including women and children while wounds brought into hospitals in Mogadishu.

By Abdirazak Mohamud Tuuryare


African observers say Ethiopia poll credible, opposition cries foul

ADDIS ABABA | By Aaron Maasho

Reuters: African Union observers said on Tuesday that Ethiopia's parliamentary election held on Sunday was credible except for a few irregularities, but the opposition dismissed the vote as marred by violations including ballot box theft.

Ethiopia: Preliminary results show Wayane amassing huge "win" in parliamentary polls

Ethiopia: Preliminary results show WAYANE amassing huge win in parliamentary polls

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) Chairman Prof. Merga Bekana announces preliminary results to the medianAddis Ababa, Ethiopia Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Preliminary results released by Ethiopia's electoral body show the ruling coalition winning comfortably in parliamentary elections. (AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene) Associated Press May 27, 2015 | 11:48 a.m. EDT 

By ELIAS MESERET, Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia's ruling coalition won a sweeping victory in parliamentary elections, according to partial results released Wednesday. Western countries said the vote was peaceful but criticized what they described as restrictions on civil liberties.