ULFO Objectives


I - Political Goals:

  1. The ultimate goal of the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa is to establish an Independent Democratic State of Oromiyaa. The emerging state of Oromiyaa shall be established on the basis of Oromo democratic values – that is, equality among its citizens, the rule of law, democracy, accountability and transparency.
  2. Vest all power in the hands of the people who shall elect their representatives to central,
  3. Regional and local administrations.
  4. Institute political pluralism (a multi-party system), where there is a fair competition of ideas for the wellbeing of Oromiyaa.
  5. Limit the duration of office tenure in order to avoid corruption and regain the Gadaa principles of administration.
  6. Institute the bill of rights in Oromiyaa that shall guarantee all its citizens the freedom of expression, freedom of movement, public assembly, organization and all other civil liberties.
  7. Establish a secular state that protects the equality of all religions and beliefs.
  8. Setup an independent judiciary system that protects and guarantees basic and fundamental human rights.
  9. Guarantee equal treatment and equal opportunities to all its citizens in all spheres regardless of age, sex, religious affiliation, and ethnicity and so on.