ULFO Objectives


III - Social Programs
A - Education, Science and Technology
In the social program front, the main objective of the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa is to promote fair distribution of wealth among all citizens, guarantee an equal opportunity of education, employment, and welfare in order to create social justice for all citizens of Oromiyaa. The state of Oromiyaa shall:

  1. Make education freely accessible to all citizens of Oromiyaa.
  2. Eradicate illiteracy from Oromiyaa by applying compulsory elementary education and adult learning programs.
  3. Develop the Oromo language, literature and culture by re-cultivating and nurturing our heritage.

B - Public Health
The Independent Democratic State of Oromiyaa shall:

  1. Provide universal health care system for all citizens. Facilitate and participate in the disease eradication programs based on world best practice.
  2. Promote and integrate traditional health practices with modern medicines and research.
  3. Seek and cooperate with international institutions in the provision of health services to citizens whenever necessary.
  4. Promote sport and related activities as part of healthy life-style.