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No Barrage of Terror Stops the Struggle of the Oromo Nation for Freedom

May 1, 2014

The TPLF-led regime of Ethiopia has perpetrated once again heinous crimes against the Oromo people. The state terror that it has unleashed in the last couple of days across Oromia is another reminder for the Oromo nation that the regime is bent to annihilate the Oromo people by all means possible.

Dispatching its barbaric and fascistic Agazi security forces all across Oromia, the regime has massacred university students and unarmed civilians in Ambo, Robe, HaraMayaa, Gudar, Gedoo, Naqamte, Bishoftu and Incinni. In these and many other areas, the death of over 70 people has been reported. This death toll is representing only the broad daylight killing by Agazi snipers. Many more are suspected to have been killed outside the public eye as the Agazi force went on rampage of hunting students in rural communities surrounding the university towns.

Mass arrest, torture, and raping of female university students have been reported to be quite rampant. The whereabouts of the detainees are unknown to relatives as the security force took them to undisclosed locations. Not only detainees, the Agazi denied relatives even bodies of their loved ones for burial. All this is to hide its heinous crime.

We are deeply saddened with the loss of lives of our people. We condemn the TPLF-led regime in the strongest term possible and hold it accountable for the mass killing, torture, rape, and unlawful mass arrest of our people.

No massacre, no torture, no mass arrest, and no other forms of terror could flinch the resolve of the Oromo people and stop them from struggling for their inalienable human rights and democratic rights. The TPLF-led regime of Ethiopia may perfect its terror methods and continue launching what amounts to genocidal war against the Oromo nation. However, with the Oromo people now impressively standing shoulder to shoulder it won’t be too long when we see the departure of the enemy force of TPLF from the soil of Oromia.

At this critical juncture in the history of the struggle of the Oromo people, we call upon and appeal to all organized Oromo political forces to come to their senses and jointly address the current situation in our country as a national emergency. The situation is extraordinary and its needs an extraordinary measure on the part of those who claim to lead the struggle of the nation. The time is now or never.