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Countering ‘The Addis Ababa Master Plan’ with a Coherent National Master Plan of Liberating Oromiya

                                                                                                         November 13, 2015

The predicament that is besieging Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) today has a historical root directly linked to the empire building project of Minilik. Without studious understanding of the genesis of this root, it will be a futile exercise to attempt
to address the current fiasco surrounding the so called ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’. The debacle of Finfinnee is intertwined with that of Oromiya. It is a subset of multifaceted problems that Oromiya faces today. Therefore, it should be fitting to acknowledge that it is the undoing of the colonial project entrenched on Oromiya that can once for all do away with the recurrent onslaughts that Finfinnee sustains under the Abyssinian colonial order of various strands.
Under Minilik, the architect of the Ethiopian empire, Finfinnee and its indigenous Oromo residents of particularly Gullallee, Eekkaa, and Galaan kinfolks sustained what amounts to near annihilation from the wave of unrelenting campaign geared to making room for the political sit of his newly emerging empire. Finfinnee witnessed environmental degradation of unprecedented proportion with the slush and burn policy of Minilik and action of his invading army that cleared its virgin forest and lush vegetation in order to set a permanent footprint – a home for Abyssinian settler colonialism. The natives of Finfinnee who survived the extermination mission of Minilik were displaced and headed south and settled with their fellow Oromos. As a result, the once thriving host of Caffee Tuulamaa known for its altruistic democratic discourse that served as the prime spring of the rules of law that respected the balance of nature and the rights of its citizens was replaced with forces of Minilik and members of his oligarchy and court establishments– the source of draconian rules of alien settlers.
Praising Minilik as their trail blazer, the descending Abyssinian rulers to this date followed his suit in shaping the fate of Finfinnee. Haile Sillasie, in his zest for ‘modernizing Ethiopia’, had embarked on expanding Finfinnee to make it an international city at the expense of Oromos residing on the fringe of the ‘core city of Addis Ababa’– one that Minilik established for his warlords and their accompanying setters. This expansion further uprooted the Oromo people from the surrounding areas.
Similarly, Mengistu left his own mark on Finfinnee. His land proclamation that confiscated land from feudal lords sent shock waves that forced Abyssinian settlers to flock to ‘Addis Ababa’ from across the empire. This exodus had in turn brought about incessant displacement of Oromo families from the vicinity of Finfinnee.
With the advent of the TPLF brand of Abyssinian rule, Finfinnee has been put on a unique trajectory never envisaged over 130 years of its history. As soon as it came to power, the TPLF with proclamation gave Finfinnee a chartered city status. While this proclamation on paper grants defined and unique rights to the Oromo people, in practice, TPLF has been working on the remaking of Finfinnee; that is, on progressively diminishing the identity of Finfinnee as an Oromo city. Not only Finfinnee as known under the so called ‘Charter’, but also the surrounding suburban towns are being slated for de-Oromonization. This TPLF political project that appears engulfing Finfinnee like a tumor is fast spreading to the rest of Oromiya.
Unlike its predecessors, the TPLF has grand and subtle social engineering plans to alter the demographic and ethno-national make-up of Finfinnee. The ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’ is a litmus test. If the Oromo eviction test on the Finfinnee experimental plot fully succeeds, the TPLF will not take much time to implement similar plans throughout Oromiya. In fact, it has already embarked on evicting Oromos and massively resettling its own people in Finfinnee and other urban centres in Oromiya. The scramble for Finfinnee has long started under the guise of development. Elevating the scope of the scramble for Finfinnee beyond its ‘domestic partners’ to the international level, it is relentlessly working to displace the Oromo people from Finfinne and the surrounding towns. In effect, it has put Finfinnee up for ‘sale’ to the best bidders in both domestic and international markets.
The crime that the TPLF has so far committed on the Oromo people is colossal. It has uprooted over 150 thousand thriving farming families from Finfinnee and its surrounding towns and reduced them to live in beggary. It has displaced millions Oromos in various parts of Oromiya and exposed them to abject poverty. According to its ‘Master Plan of Addis Ababa’, it is gearing up to evict over two million more Oromos residing within the geographic area of its plan. In every measure, this act of TPLF clearly attests its genocidal agenda against the Oromo people.
As the ethnic cleansing policy of the TPLF got more glaring, the resistance of the Oromo people has significantly escalated. In an effort of quashing any resistance, the TPLF has been mercilessly murdering and incarcerating Oromos en mass. It is fresh in our memory that it went on killing rampage over a year ago and massacred over a hundred students who peacefully demonstrated against its hidden agenda of the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’.
The United Liberation Forces of Oromiya (ULFO) condemns in the clearest term possible the barbaric actions that the TPLF took against the Oromo people in Finfinnee and Oromiya at large. It opposes vehemently the so called ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’ and warns that the TPLF stop its implementation.
ULFO praises and supports the Oromo people who with unflinching determination stand against the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’.
Understanding the dire situation of Oromos in and around Finfinnee, ULFO calls upon the people of Oromiya to counter what is dubbed as the ‘Master Killer Plan’ of the TPLF with a coherent national liberation plan. This extraordinary situation calls for extraordinary measure. We call on the Oromo nation to rise up in unison and combat the TPLF genocidal campaign aimed at the people of Oromiya. We warn the failure to do so will number the days of our existence as a nation.
Against the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan and generally against the immediate threat to the survival of our nation, ULFO proposes the following action plans:
1. Short-term plan
1.1. Establish a National Task Force for Finfinnee (NTFF) whose specific focus and work is on stopping the implementation of the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’.
1.2. Draw members of the NTFF from the cross section of the Oromo communities across the globe and from liberation forces of Oromiya.
1.3. Develop a clear mandate for NTFF and get it to immediately embark on the campaign.
1.4. Devise financial, material, and human resources mobilization plan for the campaign.
1.5. Establish working groups who can advise on the campaign.
2. Long-term plan

2.1. Understanding the gravity of the Oromo situation under TPLF fascistic rule, all liberation forces of Oromiya must come together unconditionally, iron out their differences, and form one united liberation force that can rally the entire nation behind it and stop the unbridled aggression of the TPLF.

2.2. A united Oromo liberation force must inter into discussion and negotiation with Oromo organizations of different ideological leanings to form an alliance and work on common national agenda.

2.3. Seek and form a mutually agreed upon political union/alliance with oppressed nations and nationalities who equally feel the brunt of the TPLF rule and embark on ending its rule.

At this critical juncture of our history, let’s all rise up as a nation and act. Time is of the essence. Today our issue of concern is the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’. If this plan is left unchallenged, tomorrow many others are likely to follow. Let us all act before it is too late to avert the looming danger facing the Oromo nation. It is only as a united people with a coherent national plan that we can combat the TPLF aggression.
Unity is strength!
Oromiya shall be free!
The United Liberation Forces of Oromiya (ULFO)

No Barrage of Terror Stops the Struggle of the Oromo Nation for Freedom

May 1, 2014

The TPLF-led regime of Ethiopia has perpetrated once again heinous crimes against the Oromo people. The state terror that it has unleashed in the last couple of days across Oromia is another reminder for the Oromo nation that the regime is bent to annihilate the Oromo people by all means possible.

Dispatching its barbaric and fascistic Agazi security forces all across Oromia, the regime has massacred university students and unarmed civilians in Ambo, Robe, HaraMayaa, Gudar, Gedoo, Naqamte, Bishoftu and Incinni. In these and many other areas, the death of over 70 people has been reported. This death toll is representing only the broad daylight killing by Agazi snipers. Many more are suspected to have been killed outside the public eye as the Agazi force went on rampage of hunting students in rural communities surrounding the university towns.

Mass arrest, torture, and raping of female university students have been reported to be quite rampant. The whereabouts of the detainees are unknown to relatives as the security force took them to undisclosed locations. Not only detainees, the Agazi denied relatives even bodies of their loved ones for burial. All this is to hide its heinous crime.

We are deeply saddened with the loss of lives of our people. We condemn the TPLF-led regime in the strongest term possible and hold it accountable for the mass killing, torture, rape, and unlawful mass arrest of our people.

No massacre, no torture, no mass arrest, and no other forms of terror could flinch the resolve of the Oromo people and stop them from struggling for their inalienable human rights and democratic rights. The TPLF-led regime of Ethiopia may perfect its terror methods and continue launching what amounts to genocidal war against the Oromo nation. However, with the Oromo people now impressively standing shoulder to shoulder it won’t be too long when we see the departure of the enemy force of TPLF from the soil of Oromia.

At this critical juncture in the history of the struggle of the Oromo people, we call upon and appeal to all organized Oromo political forces to come to their senses and jointly address the current situation in our country as a national emergency. The situation is extraordinary and its needs an extraordinary measure on the part of those who claim to lead the struggle of the nation. The time is now or never.

ULFO and UAM-OLF Joint Statement

 United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) United Activists and Members of Oromo Liberation Front (UAM-OLF)

 June 16, 2013



 Deeply concerned about the escalating state terrorism that the TPLF led regime of Ethiopia has been lately perpetrating on the people of Oromiyaa and the present precarious state of the Oromo national liberation struggle, the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) and the United Activists and Members of the Oromo Liberation Front (UAM-OLF) initiated joint sessions meant to assess the extent and implication of the TPLF all-rounded attacks on the Oromo people and explore ways and means that could help unite the Oromo liberation organizations and put the struggle on the right trajectory– one that reassures the salvation of the Oromo people from the wanton destruction by the TPLF.

 We, ULFO and UAM-OLF, held a series of meetings and discussed a range of issues. The salient issues that were given a special focus in the discussion include: (1) The heinous crimes of the TPLF-led regime and the present state of the Oromo nation, (2) the growing public apathy and cynicism on the unity of purpose among Oromo liberation forces, and (3) major bottlenecks that are exceedingly restricting the development of the Oromo liberation struggle, and (4) redress mechanisms that can extricate the struggle from recurring setbacks. After extensive deliberation on the issues, the following joint statement has been released: