An Oath of Oromummaa

Dhugaasaa D. Gobana


An oath due for identity, an intuitive inner demand

That enforces willingness for action and command

A constantly sprouting bloom, which is diverse in its kind

A commitment for destroying enemies’ disgusting barrier reef

 An oath of identity that possess eternal bond for relief


That ties a nation together with flesh, vine and soul over generation

An oath of the Oromo nation struggle for self-determination

An obligation that stands for identity and interest protection

A pledge of the natural law that require us to act beyond affection

Oath of cultural diversity that spikes antiquity of self-reflection

A withstand against attempts of any mode of destruction

An oath that spotlights the ultimate uprooting of an empire

An oath that unceasingly acts against alien’s rule and subjugator


An oath of Oromo nation struggle for self-determination

The bright oath stands for the ultimate final goal - liberation

The oath that bridge the time horizon for getting there with action

The oath planted by our ancestors due for self-esteem and respect

Cultivated by our fathers due for self-defence against any form of subject

A qubee generation is watering with blood for ripping of its fruit

An irreversible journey of a great nation for an empire to uproot!


It is a command of oath to follow be for self-esteem

Oath that oblige every Oromoo due to emotional axiom

An axiom that is immune to any external manipulation

That endures challenges and performs the needed action

The oath of identity that pursue an internal emotion

It is not something that to be acquired rather hereditary

It is not something that to be enforced rather natural entity

An oath of internal command due of humankind’s identity

That struggles for the survival of the norm of Oromo community


A community with a common language - a ray for oath identity

A community with common culture embarks hallmark antiquity

A community with common homeland and incredible history

A community spikes faith, worldview, and wisdom of tolerance for diversity

An oath of a nation for the protection of this eternal truth

The truth that enforce an obey and a command for the liberation path


Our route is to sirna gadaa; an oath for an inevitable marsh in tokkumma

Our route is to shade with odaa; an oath of commitment due of Oromummaa

Oath of identity that struggle ever against empire agony

Thanks to Oromummaa no question for our final victory!


An oath for Oromo nation cause – utubaa hin jigne hundeen furdaa

An oath for self-esteem – erbuu boree gootota gumaa dhiiga hiddaa

An oath for our nation survival – ijiibaata seenaa kan xiiqaa fi guddaa

An oath for natural law identity – turtus bultus kan hin hafne hooda

The oath for eternal truth – tokkummaan hiriira daandii dhugaa

The oath for sovereignty - gootota uf keenan seenaaf lafeetu raaga

The oath for human blessing - eebbaa eenyummaa mandiisu hoga!

Hoga goototaa hordofnee – tokkummaan hiriira daandii dhugaa!


Dhugaa qaaraan- qaraa kan yoomuu hin bannee

Maqaa uumataan yoo afursaan waan hin fakkane

Humna qabsoo diiguuf warra tataafatan bira kunnee

Hoga goototaa hordofnee - erbuu seenaaf galle haaromsinee

Dhalli Oromoo hin daaganu kaayyoo bilisumma tilmaamane

Galma hin hankaaknu, yoo faagatees diroon fufnee, kufne kaanee!

Kanaaf, daandii dhugaa hiiriraa tokkomnee, harka wal-qaabanee!


Erbuu Gootota Oromoo

Caamsaa, Bara 6413